Step into a different world of bygone royal grandeur. An elegant rich-culture environ of serene, balanced harmony and positive energy, with tranquil folk music and floral fragrance to awaken all your senses. And a touch of Imperial renewal for your body and mind…relieving your stress from the chaotic mainstream of fast-paced hectic life outside.

At Imperial, you can relive a traditional culture of holistic secrets to revitalize and invigorate body and mind for longevity and inner happiness, in an oasis for healing and rejuvenation.

With our professional massage therapists, you can escape to a sanctuary experience like never before, on your journey at Imperial of being cared for with heartfelt courteous service, from start to finish. Indulge in various Imperial massage selections, covering from head to toe, in luxurious pampering comfort and style. All at an affordable price.

So, come and celebrate “The Good Life” at Imperial Spa, to revive your youthfulness and energise your passion. As often as you can.


Swedish Imperial Therapy

Rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit for your active life of success. De-stress with this refreshing Western massage modality, which not only calms your breathing and relieves muscle tension and sores. It also revitalizes your health by smoothening blood circulation and detoxifying your body, as well as improves digestion and metabolism.

Therapeutic massage oil is used to enhance performing of the rhythmic massage strokes, to warm up the muscle tissues, to release tension and gradually break up muscle adhesions.

This soothing and relaxing experience, is the perfect therapy for staying sharp and energetic again.

Royal Hot Stone Therapy

Awaken positive inner energy, to soothe and balance the physical and mental state of your body. Feel a sense of joy while sharpening your mental alertness. Hot Stone Massage can help relieve mental health conditions, such as insomnia and depression. It also enhances your health by reducing back-aches, improving poor circulation, and lowering stress/anxiety/tension level.


Experience this speciality massage, in which the trained therapist will place smooth heated stones on the body. The stones act as an aiding tool for the therapist, as the heat can deeply relax and help warm up tight muscles. This allows the therapist to perform with deeper pressure, which enables you to reach relaxation faster.

Imperial Reflex Therapy

Live life fuller by optimizing your personal body mobility and mental energy. In the hands of an expertly-trained Therapist, Foot Reflexology can ease or even resolve any pain or discomfort at various parts of your body, while at the same time, greatly improve blood circulation throughout your body.


Foot Reflexology is a relaxation method which involves application of pressure to specific parts of the feet, with thumb or hand techniques.
As the feet reflect an image of the body, the Therapist will apply pressure based on a system of body zones and matching reflex areas, to relieve the pain or discomfort, as well as to relieve overall body tension and stress.

So, re-energize your whole body physique, or clear lethargy, with this soothing yet very effective stress-relief Therapy, so that you can enjoy your life with more vigour.


Authentic Body Massage - Oil Included

    Bukit Timah

Qi Renewal                                                  

Swedish Imperial                                                           

Double Body Revival                                                         


 Half hour       1 hour       1.5 hour       2 hours

$43               $70            $99          $132


$43               $70            $99          $132



N.A.             $140          $197        $260



      Jalan Kayu 

 Half hour       1 hour       1.5 hour       2 hours

$43               $70            $99          $132


$43               $70            $99          $132



N.A.             $140          $197        $260



Authentic Foot Massage - Cream Included

Reflex Foot Therapy 


 Half hour       1 hour       1.5 hour       2 hours


    $33             $54            $81           $104


 Half hour       1 hour       1.5 hour       2 hours


    $33             $54            $81           $104




Ear Candle



Per Session                    Add Ons


      $32                                  $15

      $32                                  $10


     $37                                  $15


Imperial Lavender Oil  

Imperial Hot Stone (on request)

Within Session  


$12 FREE



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      Jalan Kayu 

    Bukit Timah



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